Music Production

Our music brand "Elements Garden" and lyrics brand "Spirit Garden" are here to produce music that further brings out the charms of your projects and artists. We offer a wide array of services including original songs, covers, and remixes.

We also specialize in a variety of musical projects such as theater music (theatre, musicals, live performances), music for video (films, anime, dramas), background music for games and apps, and music in advertising and corporate promotional videos.

Upon consultation regarding your requests and budget, we will appoint the perfect creators to help with your projects or artists. Our expertise spans all genres including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and orchestral music. Please do not hesitate to tell us about the music you want us to produce.

Music Production Services

Our in-house lyricists, composers, arrangers, and engineers work together to produce music of the highest quality. We can record and mix at our own studio.

We also provide comprehensive music production services for your projects and artists, including promotional plans.

Furthermore, we also manage and oversee products, coordinating with distributors to deliver diginal products to customers.

We can serve you from the beginning of projects to the distribution to consumers. We invite you to consult with us freely for assistance in these areas.

Highlighted Music Production Projects (Excluding Our Original Projects)

  • "BanG Dream!" (Bushiroad Music)
  • Peaky P-key from "D4DJ" (Bushiroad Music)
  • "Dance with Devils" (Avex Pictures)
  • "Grand Summoners" (Good Smile Company)
  • "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius" (Square Enix)
and more.

Recording Studio

Our studio has great sounding equipment, and a team of engineers are ready to assist you with vocal and instrumental recording.

The largest studio among five has a control room and separate recording booth. You can record with live-monitoring.

The studios are also available for voice recording including voice samples and radio programs.


Anime & Game Content Planning/Production

With a focus on music, we specialize in the planning and production of anime and game projects. Our wide range of services include project initiation, and production direction and management.

We own original IPs that have garnered a wide fan base and continues to develop a variety of media-mix projects such as animation and merchandise.

Original Projects and Scriptwriting for Anime & Games

Our expertise extends to developing original concepts and scripts for anime and game content. Through unconstrained imagination, our esteemed scenario writer with a track record of big hits creates innovative worlds inspired by extensive experience.

We invite anyone looking to create future media-mix projects to discuss opportunities with us.

Main Works in Original Creation and Screenwriting

  • "Uta no☆Prince-sama♪" Series
  • "Senki Zesshou Symphogear" Series
  • "Visual Prison"
  • "Technoroid" Series
  • "Armed Fantasia" and more

CD, Merchandise, and Web Planning/Production

We produce CDs for artists under our label, and create and distribute original merchandise for projects we plan and create.

Additionally, we manage our e-commerce site (ARIA e-store) and produce website content and other web-related projects.