Our Service

  • Music production
    (movies, TV, commercials, games, apps, etc.)

  • Mastering production

  • Recording studio management

  • Planning and production of animation/game contents

  • Original projects and script writing for animation/game contents

  • Planning and production of CD, merchandise and websites

Music Production Department

We provide music production services for an endless variety of projects including animation and game, with our teams of creators: Elements Garden, a team of music composers and arrangers; Spirit Garden, of lyricists; and a recording studio team, of sound engineers.

We faithfully strive for the best quality, coordinating the next new impactful ambitious projects with our artists and valued clients.

Studio Photos

Cross Media Department

We produce entertainment contents, specializing in animation and games, and utilizing more than a decade of creative experience in the industry, of Noriyasu Agematsu and Akifumi Kaneko who have been leading numerous original projects and scripwriting.

Always searching for new possibilities, we flexibly coordinate countless projects with our valued clients by taking great advantage of creative talents inside and outside at the best time.

We look forward to produce boundless entertainment media contents with you.