Yusuke Takeda

  • Lyricist
  • Composer
  • Arranger

"A song has its own world that turns into unique personality. That is very important to me."

Characteristics and details:
Showing great interest in intricate nature of music, Yusuke has been studying many different kinds of music theories since he was in school, and his broad knowledge turned into his own distinctively colorful sound. Furthermore, he is well acquainted with the realm of electronic music and production of EDM, and successfully combines acoustic instruments with digital excitement.

Joined Elements Garden.



  • 『ぼくたちのリメイク』/Remake Our Life!
  • 『おこしやす、ちとせちゃん』/Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan
  • 『ヴィジュアルプリズン』/Visual Prison
  • 『BanG Dream!』/BanG Dream! Series
  • 『D4DJ』/D4DJ (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ)


  • 『スーパーボンバーマン R オンライン』/Super Bomberman R Online
  • 『D4DJ Groovy Mix』/D4Dj Groovy Mix
  • 『バンドリ!ガールズバンドパーティ!』/BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
  • 『テクノロイド ユニゾンハート』/Technoroid Unisonheart
  • 『英雄*戦姫WW』/Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest War Wonder
  • 『戦姫絶唱シンフォギアXD UNLIMITED』/Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited


  • Aina Aiba
  • Nana-land
  • Jun Fukuyama
  • Chiai Fujikawa
  • BenJas!
  • Maneki-kecak


  • 『劇団シャイニング』シリーズ/Gekidan Shining Series


  • ドラマ『にぶんのいち夫婦』 Drama ”Ni bun no Ichi Fuufu”
  • 『Disney 声の王子様 Voice Stars Dream Selection Ⅲ』/Disney Koe no Ōji-sama Voice Stars Dream Selection III